About Me

Loving music since i was in the womb. Mixing records since i was 18 as a hobby, doing it professionally since 2010. Nothing compares to the feeling of making a big room go off. That is what i live for.

Upcoming Events 2012
NOVEMBER 14 Nikki Beach Miami
October 10 Club Space Miami 
October 2
October 1

Jan 21 WIP NYC

Jan 25 Bunker NYC
Jan 27 Provocateur NYC
Jan 28 Double 7 NYC
Jan 30 La Zarza NYC
Feb 4 WALL Miami
Feb 11 Double 7 NYC
Feb 16 WIP
Mar 3 LIV Miami
Mar 9 Provocateur NYC
Mar 17 Pacha Afterhours NYC
Mar 24 Music loves fashion at the Raleigh Miami
Apr 6 Provocateur
Apr 14 Double 7 NYC
Apr 20 Provocateur NYC with Alex Sapir
Apr 28 Midnight in Paris at Capitale
May 11 The Best Little Whorehouse in Town at Liberty Theater
May 26 Club Space Miami
May 27 Nikki at Night, Nikki Beach Miami